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Senior Citizens Sites

Are there any Web sites out there today that are aimed directly toward senior citizens? I sometimes get bored with some of the other sites and I would like to try something new.

This is a very interesting question and it’s not something we’ve really touched on before, but I think it will be good material to cover. I know a lot of WorldStart’s readers spend a lot of time on their computers and it’s always good to have new and exciting Web sites to look at throughout the day. Whether it’s while you work or in your leisure time, there are several Web sites designed just for senior citizens.

Okay, before I list some sites for you, I’ll let you know that these are all good for networking with other seniors, making new friends, learning more about computers, obtaining information about retirement, etc. If that sounds interesting to you, go along with me as I explain some of them!

1.) Senior Citizens Resources – This Web site is run by FirstGov and it provides several tips for senior citizens. It gives information on consumer protection, places senior citizens can volunteer, seniors and adult education, advice on estate planning and federal and state agencies for seniors. This site also has links to the government sites that may be beneficial to senior citizens, such as the Administration on Aging, the Social Security Administration and the Veteran’s Health Administration. Check it all out here.

2.) SeniorNet – This Web site’s mission is to provide access to computer technology for older adults. As a result, senior citizens will be able to gain more knowledge and wisdom and eventually share it with others. This site is basically set up as a discussion board. Everyone is welcome to participate in the SeniorNet RoundTable discussion groups. You just have to sign up for the boards and then you will be able to learn and teach others about computers and using the Internet. If you feel like you could share your wisdom with others or if you want to learn more, this site is perfect for you. Check out SeniorNet here.

3.) Web Pointers for Seniors – If you’re looking for even more sites to try out, this is the place you’ll want to go. It is managed by a retired couple from Oregon and they have set up a whole Web site full of links they feel would be of special interest to senior citizens. There are links to such topics as senior issues, grandkids, senior guides, caregiving, health, nutrition, legal issues, financial planning, travel and others. Do keep in mind that this site hasn’t been updated in awhile and some of the links no longer work, but it is worth taking a look at. There are still working links to a lot of helpful information that is all useful for seniors. Check it out here.

4.) SeniorLink – This site is mainly helpful for senior citizens in maintaining independence in their own homes. The developers of this site want seniors to be able to do this safely and with dignity. This site even offers some help for children who have aging parents. It gives advice on making the difficult choices that come with the elderly care of their parents. This site does have some parts that require a paid subscription, but you can access free information in the Caregiver FAQ and Top Elder Risks sections. Take a look at it here.

5.) Write a Senior Citizen – Here is one more site I thought some of you might be interested in. This is more on the fun side of things! This Web site was actually created by two teenagers who wanted to bring senior citizens together. You can use it to write other seniors by e-mail or even by snail mail as a pen pal. If you’re wanting to get connected with other seniors, this is the best place for it. Check it out here.

Now, I know this isn’t something we usually share at WorldStart, but I thought some of you might get a kick out of it. Start fresh with all these new Web sites and bring new life to your Internet experience. You won’t be disappointed!

~ Erin