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Separate Ranges

Separate Ranges

Do you print different ranges of Excel data? You know, select parts of Excel worksheets?

You highlight one range of cells, hold down the Ctrl key and then highlight another range. When you’ve finally highlighted all the sections, you use Ctrl + P and tell Excel to print the selection.

What happens?

Well, let’s just say that it’s probably not what you were bargaining for. You get all of your ranges, but each one is on a separate sheet of paper.

Not exactly how you were looking to print, was it?

Did you have visions of those data ranges on a single page?

I thought you might have. So, let’s address that issue.

While I’m sure lots of people have found their way around this problem, allow me to make a suggestion for the rest of you.

First, open the Clipboard Task Pane with Ctrl + C twice.

Now, select and copy each data range that you’d like to print. You should see each one being added to the Clipboard after each copy.

When you’ve collected all your data ranges to the Clipboard, go to an empty worksheet and click the Paste All button.

Instantly, all the Clipboard items are pasted into the worksheet where you can easily print them on one page.

A few copies, a simple paste and you’ve got your printed ranges all together just as you like!

~ April