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Service Pack for Vista: Yes or No?

Service Pack for Vista: Yes or No?

If you’ve already upgraded to the new operating system of Windows Vista or if you’re thinking about doing it soon, you’re probably wondering about a Service Pack for it, right? I mean, Windows XP had them, so why not Vista? Well, keep reading to find out the whole scoop on this situation!

By now, it’s hopeful that Microsoft has figured out that there are several hundred security flaws in Windows Vista. Ever since the product’s release, Microsoft has been boasting about its security protection, but what are they doing about it?

Well, it’s said that Microsoft will be releasing a Windows Vista Service Pack 1, code named “Fiji,” and it actually may be the first of several updates for Windows Vista. The release of this update was first announced in January 2007, which was during the time that Vista was actually being released. That may mean that Microsoft doubted their product before or even during the time it was being released.

Either way, Microsoft displayed the Windows Vista Service Pack 1 machine at the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference in Los Angeles last week (around May 15, 2007). The screen of the Vista computer clearly displayed, “Windows Build 6001 Service Pack 1, v113.” But the computer world is wondering if we might be seeing more Windows Vista Service Packs in the future.

Microsoft may be releasing the Service Pack 1 through their Windows Update service, which is included in the Windows Vista operating system. This would be the quickest and easiest way for Microsoft to distribute the updates to Vista users. However, Microsoft has yet to announce for sure how they will be distributing the Service Pack to its users.

Also, as of yet, Microsoft has not released what exactly will be featured in the Service Pack. I’ve heard that it’s being kept a secret for now, but then again, I’ve heard they might be announcing it within the next few months. I personally believe they’re doing it this way so that people can’t pre-plan how to crack these updates. My guess is that 99 percent of the Service Pack will be hardening the protection of Windows Vista, since that was the major problem when it was released.

Now, I mentioned in a previous article that I recommend that those of you who are looking into buying Windows Vista wait until a Service Pack has been released. That way, Microsoft will be able to clean up all of the problems that lie in the first release version of Vista. If you have been waiting to install Windows Vista for the Service Pack reason, your wait may soon be over!

It’s interesting if nothing else, don’t you think?!

~ Jack William