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Set the Timing for OpenOffice AutoRecovery

We all know that the first rule of thumb when working on a computer is to save, save, save.

If a program (or heaven forbid, the entire computer system) should crash… or the power goes out… or a someone unplugs the wrong plug… whatever reason, if your file hasn’t been saved on a regular basis, then you’re going to lose all that work!

So we save, save, save.

It’s a good habit – one that we should all practice – but in addition to that, OpenOffice.org has an AutoRecovery feature that can take some of the sting out of an unexpected problem.

I’ve got to admit that AutoRecovery has saved me a time or two while working… just between you and me, if there’s a way to lock up a program I guarantee that I’ll find it.

Anyway, by default OpenOffice.org saves your information every 15 minutes, but if you feel that needs to be a shorter or longer time span, then here’s what you need to know to make a change.

We’re going into the Options dialog box via the Tools menu, Options choice.


Once there we need to expand the Load/Save section and select General.

On the right, you’ll find a field for “Save AutoRecovery information every….” with a numeric field to the right.

Set a time interval for the AutoRecovery save. (I found that I could use any number between 1 and 60.)

Click OK.


While to some of you, this may seem like something fairly useless since you don’t see a direct effect, let me assure you that the first time the program locks up and upon restarting it you’re given options for recovering documents that were open, you’ll thank your lucky stars that it’s there!

AutoRecovery, you’ll never feel it – but it could turn out to be your best friend some day…

~ April