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Set Work Week in Outlook Calandar

Many of us tend to use MS Outlook’s calendar feature at work. Often, when we choose to display a “week” what we really want to see is a work week.

By default the program considers a work week to be Monday through Friday.

But… what if that isn’t your work week? Maybe you need Saturday added and Tuesday removed from your work week calendar.

Is there a way to customize the days displayed for the work week?

Why yes -why else would I ask?

To customize the days in your Outlook work week we need to start in the Tools menu, Options choice.

In the Options dialog box we need to locate the Calendar section.


Click the Calendar Options button.

When the Calendar Options dialog box opens you should find a section labeled “Calendar work week”.


Use the checkboxes to choose which days you want Outlook to include.

Click OK to exit the Calendar Options then OK one more time to exit the Options dialog box.

Voila! When you ask Outlook to display a work week it will now display your actual work week – not what some programmer somewhere deemed a “work week” to be.

~ April