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Setting Custom Text Size In Windows 7

Lynda from AZ writes:

Is there a way to customize the text size on your computer? I have Windows 7 Ultimate, and it only gives me 3 text sizes to choose from: 100%, 125% or 150%. I would like it to be less than 150%, but more than 125%.

While some programs, such as your web browser, have options for changing text sizes, these solutions aren’t optimal if you need larger text everywhere -such as on your Start menu or in the various Windows folders. To accommodate users who don’t want small text on the screen, Windows 7 features the ability to manually choose several preset text sizes larger than the standard “100%” setting. But what the operating system doesn’t plainly explain is that you aren’t limited to just those preset options. If one preset size is too big and the next one down is too small, you can manually create your own perfect size.

The option to change your text size is located inside your computer’s “Control Panel,” which is accessed inside the “Start” menu.

Locating the Control Panel

Inside the Control Panel window, locate the icon positioned on the right side of the screen of a blue monitor. Click the heading next to the icon labeled “Appearance and Personalization.”

Opening the Personalization Window

This new window provides a series of links to access features for changing how your operating system displays images on your screen. To reach the options for changing text sizes, click the “Display” link, which is located near the top of the window above the “Desktop Gadgets” heading.

Accessing the Display Options

The right side of the “Display” window contains two of the preset text size options, but ignore these radio buttons as they won’t help you set a custom size. Instead, click the “Set Custom Text Size” link at the far left side of the window.

The Custom Text Size Link

At the top of the new window you will find a box labeled “Scale to This Percentage of Normal Size.” Although it seems like this option should let you choose a custom size, it only gives you the ability to choose between “100%,” “125%,” and “150%.” Even typing a custom size in the box won’t change the text size, as it will automatically revert to the nearest preset option. For instance, if you type “140%” it will automatically switch back to “150%.”

Instead of trying to change the box, you need to click anywhere on the ruler icon located directly underneath the box and drag your cursor toward the right to increase the size, or toward the left to decrease the size. Drag your cursor slowly until you reach the desired custom size, such as “122%” or “135%.” Click the “OK” button to save your change.

Using the Custom Text Slider

Depending on your Windows profile settings, your change may not immediately take effect. If the text size on your screen hasn’t changed, restart the operating system to apply the new custom text size.

~ Ty Arthur