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Setting Firefox To Automatically Fill In Forms

George from Schlink writes:

I loved the feature in Firefox that allowed me to fill in a form automatically. For some reason, it quit working. I checked the Autofill Options and all the information is there.

For users who frequently enter the same form info on many websites, such as a user name or address, the auto fill feature on the Mozilla Firefox web browser can save a lot of time typing repetitive information. Occasionally, Firefox may stop saving your form data – either because you’ve accidentally deleted one specific entry or because a setting has been changed which prevents data from being properly stored. If you only deleted one specific entry, simply typing the info in a form field again will save the text and Firefox will then offer the auto fill option in the future.

If the browser doesn’t offer the auto fill option on future forms after re-typing your data, you will need to manually modify the privacy options in Firefox. Keep in mind that some websites, such as your bank account access page, specifically prevent the browser from saving form data as a security measure, so Firefox will never fill in data on those sites.

To access the browser’s privacy settings, open the orange “Firefox” button in the top-left corner of the screen and click the “Options” entry. When a new sub-menu appears on the screen, click the second “Options” button listed at the top of the menu.

Opening the Options Menu

Navigate to the heading labeled “Privacy” at the top of the screen, which is positioned between the “Applications” and “Security” icons.

The Privacy Tab

Locate the “History” heading at the middle of the window and click the “Firefox Will” drop-down box located directly beneath the heading. Select the option labeled “Use Custom Settings For History” to bring up several new check box options.

Choosing Custom History Settings

Remove the check mark from the box labeled “Always Use Private Browsing Mode” if the box is checked. Check the box named “Remember Search And Form History” to force Firefox to use the auto fill feature on all applicable forms.

Remembering Form History

Locate the box labeled “Clear History When Firefox Closes.” Ideally this box should be unchecked, but if you prefer to maintain your privacy by clearing the history when Firefox closes you need to modify this setting as well. If the box is checked, click the “Settings” button located to the right of the box.

Changing Auto-Clear Settings

Underneath the “History” heading in the “Settings” window you will find another series of check boxes. Remove the check mark from the “Form & Search History” box and click “OK,” which will prevent Firefox from clearing your saved form data when you close the browser.

Remembering Form And Search History

Click the “OK” button to save your changes to the privacy settings and then navigate to a page containing forms you frequently use. Type your info in the form and then navigate away from the page to any other site. Return to the page and start typing any text in the form to see if the auto fill feature is now functioning. If the problem persists and Firefox doesn’t attempt to fill in the form, you likely have an add-on installed that is conflicting with the auto fill feature. Return to the “Firefox” menu at the top of the browser and click the “Add-Ons” button.

Accessing Add-Ons

Open the list of extra programs you have installed on Firefox by clicking the blue “Extensions” icon at the left side of the window.

The Extensions Tab

Locate the first add-on in the list of programs at the right side of the screen. Click the “Disable” button to turn the off the add-on without actually deleting it. Attempt to enter text into a form again on any website to see if the issue is resolved.

Disabling An Add-On

If the problem persists, continue disabling each add-on in the list until you find the offending program. Return to the “Extensions” menu and click “Enable” on each of the other add-ons you previously turned off once the auto fill feature is working again.

~Ty Arthur