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Setting Firefox To Remember Passwords

Dirk writes:

Is there a way to make Firefox remember passwords like it used to? At some point, one of the updates dropped this feature.

If you frequently access the same websites over and over, it can become tedious to type the same passwords repeatedly. By default, the Mozilla Firefox web browser should automatically ask if you want to save a password anytime you enter one at any given web page – but this feature can be turned off. Whether the password memory setting was removed due to upgrading to another version of the browser, or someone accidentally clicked the wrong box in the options screen, it’s a very simple process to get Firefox remembering your passwords again.

To open the main Firefox menu containing all the browser’s various settings, click the orange “Firefox” button at the upper-left corner of the window.

Opening The Firefox Menu

Click the “Options” heading inside the “Firefox” menu, and then click the second “Options” button to bring up a new window containing a series of tabs. If you have your browser set to the classic menu layout without the “Firefox” button, instead click the “Tools” button at the top of the screen and then select “Options.”

The Options Button

Navigate to the tab labeled “Security,” which is positioned between the “Sync” and “Privacy” tabs at the top of the window.

The Security Tab

Locate the “Remember Passwords for Sites” box underneath the “Passwords” heading. Click the box if it isn’t currently checked to turn the password memory feature back on.  Leave the box as-is if it’s already checked.

Remembering Passwords

If the box was already checked but Firefox hasn’t been asking you to remember passwords, you may have an exception in place that stops the browser from asking about passwords for specific sites. Click the “Exceptions” button located to the right of the “Remember Passwords for Sites” box.

Scroll through the list of sites and find the specific web page where you need to enter in your password frequently. Click the name of the site and then select “Remove” to remove the password memory exception. If you instead want to remove all the sites and have Firefox ask about saving passwords for every website you visit, click the “Remove All” button. Click “Close” and then “OK” to save the changes and restore the web browser’s password memory feature.

Remove All Exceptions

Access any web page where you normally need a password and type your username and password in the appropriate text boxes.  Tap “Enter”, or click the “Log In” button and wait for Firefox to bring up a new prompt asking if you want to save your password. Click the “Save Password” button to store the password for future use.

Firefox Remembers A Password

~ Ty Arthur