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Setting the Home Page in Your Browser

I want Internet Explorer to automatically open to a particular site, when I log on. Can you help?

The page that opens when you fire up your browser, is your home page. In addition to setting up a home page for Internet Explorer (IE), we’ll also set one up in Firefox and Chrome.

It’s easiest to begin by first going to the page you’d like to keep as your home page. For example, if you want your browser to open to your email account, begin this process there.

In Internet Explorer, click on Tools in the menu at the top of the page. If you’re using IE9, you’ll probably need to hit the Alt key, to reveal Tools. Under Tools, select Internet options.


In the Internet Options dialog box, under Home page, if you’re not already at the page you’d like to designate as your home page, you can either type a URL (Internet Address), or paste one from somewhere else. If you are already on that page, just click the Use current button. Click Apply and OK and you’re done. Now, each time you use Internet Explorer, it will open to this page.


In Firefox, click on Tools and select Options from the menu.


From here, the process is the same. If you’re on the page you want as your home page, select Current Pages. Otherwise, type in the URL for the page you want.


You can also click the Use Bookmark button, and select one of your bookmarks as your home page.


If you use Chrome as your browser, click on the little wrench in the upper right corner. From the menu, select Options.


At this point, you can follow the directions above for IE and Firefox.


However, the Home button is not displayed on the toolbar by default. If you’d like to add it to your toolbar, check the box beside Show Home button on the toolbar.


Clicking on the little house, seen in the image above, will then take you to your home page.