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Setting Undo Options in OpenOffice

We’ve all done it – we’ve all found ourselves unhappy with the effects of changes made in a document. More than that, we’ve all been unhappy on more than one occasion about more than just the last change – more like the last 15 changes…

That’s where the old “Undo” feature comes into play. (Ctrl + Z or the Edit menu, Undo choice or the Undo button from the Standard Toolbar)

Again, we’ve all used repeated Undo actions to put things back to an acceptable state… but did you ever wonder just how many Undo actions you’d be allowed to do?

How far back into our work can we reach?

It’s a good question and the logical thought that follows is to wonder if we can change that “magic number” and if so how.

Obviously we can change the number of Undo actions (why else would I have brought it up?) and here’s what you need to know to make the change.

We start with the Tools menu, Options choice in any of the OpenOffice.org programs. (Because we’re making changes in the OpenOffice.org section the changes are meant for all of the programs, so you’ll only need to do this once!)

Once the Options dialog box opens we’re looking for the OpenOffice.org section, Memory settings.


In the Memory settings, the first option listed is the setting for the number of Undo steps.


I found that it would accept any value from 1 to 999.

While I’m certain that only 1 Undo action available to you is pretty useless, I’m equally sure that if you need 999 Undo actions then you may just want to start over!

At any rate, set a number that you feel will most benefit you and click OK.

That’s it… with just the one change you can undo as much damage to your file as you choose!

~ April