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Shape It Up

Shape It Up

Do you like MS WordArt’s flash, but not always the shape of the text when it’s created?

Do you know that you don’t have to settle for the default shape of your WordArt text?

It’s definitely within your control and just a quick couple of clicks away. With that, you can easily change your favorite WordArt into different shapes, arcs, banners, etc. It will take you longer to decide on a new shape than it will to actually make the change.


Good! Then let’s take a look.

So, you’ve already got the WordArt created and you’re ready to change its shape.

Select the WordArt object and go to the WordArt toolbar that appears.

You’re looking for the WordArt Shape button.

Click it.

Poof! A palette appears with your WordArt shape choices.

Simply pick a shape from the palette and then sit back and watch the transformation begin.

Your WordArt will instantly transform to your requested shape. So, from now on, take control of your WordArt, because the shape is all up to you!

~ April