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Shapes Instead of Bullets in PowerPoint

When you put together your PowerPoint presentations do you find that you’re bored with the same old bulleted list time after time?

Well, if you’re bored then you’ve got to wonder if the audience is tired of seeing information presented that way too…

So, even if it’s to battle our own lack of enthusiasm for the never ending bulleted lists of information in our presentations, let me suggest an alternative that can convey the information but in a way that is different from the norm.

Why not try putting your information in shapes… turning this:


Into this:


(Just as a reminder, to get text into your shapes first draw the shape of your choice then right-click on it and choose Add Text.)

And while you may not share my tastes that tend towards bright colors and 3D shapes, with all the choices for color, shape, text, 3D, shadowing, etc… you can really put together something that gets your point across with some unique style that’s all your own.