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Share a Story

The human capacity for storytelling is a form of communication that has existed possibly as long as the human species. Before written history, humans remembered their history or taught their people through story telling, so it’s no wonder to me that people would create a platform on the internet for story sharing that can evoke positive change. So, for Share a Story, I’m starting your visit on the About page because I believe they’ve written their mission statement far more eloquently than I could paraphrase it. 

Navigation is simple – just use the tabs at the top of the page. They are Home, Stories, Contribute, and About. On the Home page you’ll find the currently featured story. When I was there it was Flirting with the Devil (Part 2), with a handy link back to Part 1.

To find other contributions you’ll need to head over to the Stories tab where you will find several ways to navigate them. On the Stories page there are a selection of Top Stories being featured, as well as the ability to view stories by region and category.

If you want to share your own story, you’ll need to click the Submit a Story button and then read the requirements (1000 to 1400 words) before e-mailing the site your story. The Contribute section allows you to apply for positions that let you volunteer to help on the site either collecting stories or editing them. 

http://www.shareastory.org/about [1]