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Share Your Smileys

Share Your Smileys

I’ve been using AOL’s e-mail service for quite some time now, but over the years, I’ve realized that Yahoo! has a lot more smiley face options (also known as emoticons) to choose from over AOL. They seem to come in a wider range of colors too! Yahoo! has a lot of smileys that I like to include in my e-mails, so I thought all of you AOL users out there might be interested in including them in yours as well. Yep, that’s right. Today’s lesson is on how you can insert Yahoo! smileys into your AOL e-mails. Yes!

If you have a Yahoo! account, go to Yahoo!’s homepage and log in to your account. Next, go to Mail, Compose. Once there, click on the smiley face you’d like to use when the smiley faces all appear. Make sure it’s selected and then right click on it, hit Copy and then go and paste (right click, Paste) it in either a Word document or in a blank e-mail. After you paste it in the blank document, you’re probably going to see some extra stuff along with it. If you do, you can just delete all of that. It’s not necessary to hang on to. Make sure you don’t delete the smiley face you have chosen though!

After you have copied and pasted your smiley faces, they will look similar to the above screenshot. Now, be sure not to remove the table they are in or you might mess them up.

Alright, now, if you do not have a Yahoo! e-mail account, you can sign up for one. It is 100 percent free and it comes with some other features you might enjoy as well. Or, you can also have someone who already has a Yahoo! account copy and paste the smiley faces for you and e-mail them to you at your AOL account.

Once the smiley faces are saved in a blank document or e-mail, you will need to save them in some sort of format. I suggest you keep them in your e-mail in your Saved Mail folder. That way, you can always access them, even if you are away from your computer, but it’s up to you. You can also save them in a blank document as a back up copy, which can come in handy too!

When you’re ready to insert these smiley faces into an AOL e-mail, pull them up from wherever you saved them. Right click on the smiley face you want to insert once (like this one: ) and click on Copy. Then simply paste them into your AOL e-mail. Now, here are some of the blue smiley faces we have in AOL, but like I said before, Yahoo! has a lot more options to choose from!

And here they are:

So, if you’ve ever wanted to use other emoticons from Yahoo! for your AOL e-mails, now you know how. And it’s so easy. Now, go on and have fun with this one!

~ Tweety Dimes