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Shared Folders

For today’s quick tip, I’m going to start out with a scenario for you. Let’s say you have your computer included as part of a workgroup on a network. Now, all along, you have kept your files private and for your own use, but you’ve come across a situation where you need to start sharing those folders. How do you do that? Well, it’s quite simple, really.

Once you have your folders in place and you have set up the File and Printer Sharing (your workgroup setup would have taken you through all of that when you first began using it), you can start the sharing process. Find a folder you want to share, right click it and choose Sharing. You can do that for any folder you want to share. When you’re done with that, you will now be in a complete shared status and you’re good to go.

Here are some more tips that might help you with all of this as well: Prepare for a Network, Making Shared Folder Shortcuts and Peer to Peer Networking in Windows. Now, this tip will also come in very handy for this week’s download, which is below under the “Today’s Feature” section, so keep an eye out for that! Happy sharing!

~ Erin