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It has been a little more than ten years since the first iPod appeared on the horizon, and since then Apple has made it extremely easy to fill up our iPod’s with music on the fly. However, the going’s not so easy when it comes to exporting music out of your iPod.

What if you want to backup your entire music collection from your iPod onto your desktop? Apple gives us no option to do that via iTunes. What do we do then?

Sharepod is the answer. This free program lets you get songs out of your iPod and into your PC. Additionally, Sharepod also helps you manage your iPod without using iTunes at all. Even things like editing song info and album art.

As far as backing up music is concerned,¬†you can click on the “Backup iPod” button to copy everything back to your computer. That’s not all,¬†Sharepod gives you the option to backup individual songs or playlists as well. Just select the song/playlist and click on the “copy to PC” to button.

Once you click either of the buttons, Sharepod gives you the option to select the Location where you want it all to be copied.

It’s as simple as that. Now no need to fret and worry that you might lose your iPod music accidentally. Back it up all and sleep easy.

Click Here [1] to Get Sharepod.

~Yogesh Bakshi