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Do you ever get frustrated because it seems like your iPod is “tied” to the computer that you sync it with? I know I do! I mean, you can’t add, delete, or download music and videos from an iPod unless it is plugged into your very own computer. If you are using a work, school, or public computer, it won’t recognize your iPod when you connect it. It seems like you’re outta luck… or are you?

I discovered this great freeware program called SharePod that finally lets your iPod off its leash! Once you run it (no installation needed), it acts as a mini-iTunes program. You can play, edit, add, and delete music, videos, and playlists from any computer in the world. That’s not all; it can also act as an iPod backup utility. After you try it out, you’ll wonder how you ever used your iPod without it! Let’s give it a spin now!

Head on over to sharepod [1], to get started. To begin, click the Download link and select Save.

sharepod1 [2]

Before you open the program, plug in your iPod with the USB cord, so SharePod can recognize it.

SharePod comes in a compressed folder. Extract [3] the contents, and then double click the Sharepod.exe icon.

sharepod2 [4]

SharePod’s interface will open up, with your iPod listed and all of the music on it as well. Pretty spiffy, eh?

sharepod3 [5]

Like I said earlier, SharePod has all the functionality of iTunes. Double click on a song to begin playing some tunes!

sharepod4 [6]

You can right click on songs, and choose Properties and edit song information or add artwork, if you’d like.

sharepod5 [7]

Now comes the fun part! Let’s say you were at a friend’s house and you wanted to snag a couple of their songs and put them on your iPod. With SharePod you can; first choose Copy to iPod from the toolbar, and click Add files.

sharepod6 [8]

Just highlight the files you’d like to transfer, and select OK. It’s that easy!

How about if your buddy wanted to save some songs from your iPod onto their PC? Select the media files and hit Copy to PC. All you have to do now is decide on a destination folder and naming format, and voila! Your files are transferred!

sharepod7 [9]

Remember that both the Copy to iPod and Copy to PC features will work on any computer, anywhere, at any time.

The last neat thing I want to show you about SharePod is the backup feature. Imagine this scenario: In a freak accident, your computer becomes infected! Important documents and data are saved on the backup drive, but your gigabytes of movies and music are all gone, except for your copy on your iPod! With SharePod, you can retrieve all of your media, and your collection will be good as new!

It’s a two click process. Click the BackUp iPod button on the toolbar. Once again, select your destination folder and the format that you want the files to be named in. Then click OK and your entire iPod’s contents will begin copying.

One final word of advice – When you go to Start, then My Computer, you will see your iPod listed as a drive. I like to keep my SharePod.exe saved in the drive, so when I plug my iPod into another computer I don’t have to re-download SharePod from the internet. I recommend you do it too; just drag and drop the icon into the iPod drive.

sharepod8 [10]

I hope you’ll enjoy SharePod as much as I do! As always, if you ever encounter any problems and have questions, the Worldstart team is always here to help.

~ Jay Neil Patel