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Sharing is Giving

Sharing is Giving [1]

I am so excited to be bringing you this Web site! I love the concept of freecycling and I love that this is in an easy to use format. Not only does it have listings for those of you in the U.S., but it also has listings for Canada and International.

They have three very simple rules that each group must follow:

1.) All items offered or wanted must be free, legal and appropriate for all.

2.) No profanity will be allowed. If they see a group with links allowing this, that group will be deleted from this site immediately.

3.) No selling/trading/bartering Web sites are allowed. That is not what Sharing is Giving is for!

Now that you know the rules, head on over to the link for your location. I went to O-Z USA so that I could see the listings for Ohio. I had a lot of luck, as I found there is a group for Toledo. I headed directly off to join that group!

Not only are there freecycling links here to places all over the world, but there is a listing where pet rescue groups can put up a link too! I highly recommend checking out the Miscellaneous and Fun listings as well. They are listings that anyone from anywhere can participate in.

I also loved the Flower and Plant sharing topic, which you should check out if you’re in: Colorado, Indiana, Michigan or Canada!

Also, if you live in the U.S. and can’t resist a garage sale, you’ll want to check out the For the Garage Sale Fans section, where you will find links to garage sale information. There was even one specifically for Toledo, Ohio, which really surprised me!

So, whether you’re looking for someone to come and take your junk away or if you’re looking for new items, you’re bound to find something here!

http://www.sharingisgiving.org/ [1]

~ Amanda

Sharing is Giving

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Sharing is Giving [1]

Welcome to Sharing and Giving. This is a site devoted to free recycling. They claim to be “the alternative to Freecycle,” without the rules and politics. I’m a fan of Freecycle, but I like to keep my options open. 😀

It’s really easy to navigate this site too. All the links are in a list near the top of the page, divided into sections. The sections are About Us, Disclaimer, Links to Fellow Free Recyclers, Links to Fun Free Groups, Links to Free Groups, Special Events Announcements and For the Garage Sale Fans.

About Us and Disclaimer – this part tells you all about the site and what the site is about, as well as, what they need to make a disclaimer about. Pretty standard stuff. Although, I recommend you always read a site’s disclaimer.

Links to Fellow Free Recyclers A-N USA – this is the listing of Free Recyclers in the USA of the states starting with the letters A to N.

Links to Fellow Free Recyclers O-Z USA – this is the listing of Free Recyclers in the USA in the states from O to Z.

Links to Fellow Free Recyclers Canada – this is where you will find the listing for those of you in Canada.

Links to Fellow Free Recyclers International – obviously this is anywhere else in the world that’s not the USA or Canada. This section needs your help to grow! There is only one group there and it’s for Australia.

Links to Fellow Recycler Groups – this must be groups who didn’t fit into those previous groups. There is one here specifically for businesses.

The other links are to miscellaneous groups that you may enjoy. The section I really want to get to is the For the Garage Sale Fans.

For the Garage Sale Fans – this section has great links to sites that let you garage sale in your area with more ease. I love garage sales. I always manage to find stuff I needed for way cheaper than what the store wanted for it. But, keep in mind that I’m blessed with good garage sale luck! 😀

http://www.sharingisgiving.org/ [1]

~ Amanda