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Sharing Large Files with Ge.tt

Most people still rely on their email when it comes to sharing files with their friends or colleagues. However, free email providers usually have restrictions on the file size of attachments. For example, Gmail will not allow you to send files larger than 10 Mb.

GE.TT is a website which is built just for such folks. Although there are many file sharing websites on the internet, usually they are either ad-ridden or have some sort of time restrictions in place, which renders their use annoying over a period of time. GETT, on the other hand is a very efficient, distraction free, and cost free way of sharing files.


The process is simple. Just click on the Select files button and choose the file you want to share. Now this is where the magic starts. Even if it takes an hour to upload your file completely, you don’t need to wait. You can share the link with anyone right away. Meaning your file can be downloaded even when it is in the process of being uploaded.

The link to the file you have shared will expire in 30 days, though you also have the option of extending it further. Similarly, you can remove the file as and when you please. There is also an added option of being able to view a file without opening any additional software, provided it is in a supported document format.

The last feature that I absolutely love is the ability to share the link to a file on Facebook and Twitter. For instance, it proved to be very useful when I had to share a bunch of our vacation pictures with a few friends. I just zipped the pictures, uploaded them to GETT and shared it on my Facebook account for all my friends to download from. Absolutely beats composing a new message, attaching files, waiting for them to upload and adding all your friends’ emails to the recipient field.

Here’s another quick tip: GE.TT could also be used as a backup space for files you no longer have space for on your PC. Click here [1] to access the website

~Yogesh Bakshi