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Sharing YouTube Videos: The Trick To Getting Fullscreen

Ken from Greer,S.C. writes: You guys and gals at World Start are great when it comes to electronics so I hope you can answer my question. I like to share videos (like YouTube) on Facebook and especially in email. When I click on a video link I receive via email it goes straight to big screen and begins playing. When I share from YouTube it goes to the YouTube page with the smaller version. How do I get the link to go to full screen and auto play?

Why thanks! We’re blushing a little right now. Ken, I love sharing videos from YouTube as well. A group of friends and I get together on Facebook once a week to share music videos from the 1980s.

There are several ways to share videos from you tube.  You can choose email, social media, embedding the video on a website or simply copy and paste the link. 

When you share a video from YouTube by clicking on e-mail, many times (but not all depending on your e-mail program), it will show up embedded in the video and you can watch it right from your e-mail.

When I click play, I can view a larger size of this video right in my e-mail, though if I want fullscreen, I’ll have to click the  YouTube logo in the lower right to watch on YouTube.

If someone just sends a hypertext link, it will take me straight to YouTube to watch.  When you share via social media, sometimes (but again, not always) the video will be embedded in your feed. I can watch the video without ever leaving Facebook by pressing the play button.

Fullscreen is always just a click away by clicking on the fullscreen symbol in the lower right of the video.

But there is a trick for sharing links so that they appear fullscreen. You won’t be sharing by hitting any of the share buttons. What you’ll need to do is copy the URL of the video from the address bar at the top of the page. The address will read something like this:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-JqZeujGLs

What you’ll need to do is to carefully delete  “watch? and also change the = sign into  /  – the above address will now read: https://www.youtube.com/v/n-JqZeujGLs

You need to be exact with the changes and test out the link to make sure you got it right. Then copy that link and share it on Facebook or in an e-mail. You might just find it easier to click the fullscreen button. That only takes a second.

Hope that helps.

~ Cynthia