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Sheep Dash

Are you looking for a fun time-waster? A way to procrastinate instead of focusing on your work? A game to play while you’re on the phone? Well, then you should check out the game Sheep Dash!

This is a reaction based game that is very easy to play. The goal is to tranquilize the sheep that are dashing with your dart. Click on the dart when you see the sheep making a break for it. Be warned that there is a three second penalty if you toss a dart when there are no sheep.

When you have used your dart on all five sheep or five sheep have tried to escape the flock, the game will end and you’ll learn how well you did and what level your reflexes are at. I always get Sluggish Snail which only seems to encourage me to try again and again.

I think that this is a fun way to pass the time, so go check it out today!

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