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Show File Extensions in Windows 7

I’m an old-school kind of guy who likes to know as much about the file he’s double-clicking on as possible. That means I like to know stuff like files sizes, where they’re located on my hard drive…and most of all, the file’s extension!

Is it a .txt file? Is it an .exe? Windows 7 hides this information if it’s a known file type, but I want to be sure all the time!

With that, here’s how you can make it so Windows 7 will always show you the file extension!

Hit Start, and in the search box, type Folder Options and hit Enter.

In the Folder Options window, make sure the View tab is selected and scroll down until you see the option to Hide extensions for known file types.

Un-check it and hit OK.


Now you can see all of your file extensions! If you don’t like it, just follow these steps and re-check the Hide extensions for known file types box!


Quick and easy!