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Show Me More Tabs Please

Show Me More Tabs Please

So, you’ve got a pretty large Excel workbook—lots of worksheets—and you find you’re spending a ton of time scrolling back and forth between the different sheets.

Some people like to use the old Ctrl + Page Up / Down to navigate between their sheets and some prefer the old “click on the tab” method.

The only problem with the click on the tab idea is that in a big workbook you’ve got more sheet tabs then you can see at any one time.

You can always scroll back and forth between the tabs but, wouldn’t it be nice to see more tabs all at once?

Yeah, I think so too.

So here’s the scoop on showing more worksheet tabs in MS Excel.

Take a quick look to the right of the worksheet tabs.

What’s there?

Yep—just the horizontal scroll bar.

Well… who said the scroll bar had to be that big anyway? Let’s face it, if it weren’t so long you would have more room for the sheet tabs.

Guess what, that’s the whole key to today’s tip.

Let’s resize the horizontal scroll bar to make room for the things we really want to see.

The way to accomplish the resizing is with the tab split box located between the sheet tab area and the scroll bar.


Run your mouse pointer over the tab split box until it turns into a double arrow.

Now click, hold, and drag the tab split box to a new location, obviously to the right to create a bigger space for the sheet tabs.

And that’s it—more tabs upon your command.