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Show Your Instagram Love With A Simple Trick

I have a painful confession to make. I have recently become addicted to Instagram, the social network that lets you edit and share photos taken on your phone. Despite my concerns that we are all going to regress to communicating with pictures of cats and food, I can’t really stop myself.  Would you like to see a picture of my cat?

She’s so cute! One of the ways that you interact with your Instagram friends is to tap a little heart symbol at the bottom of their pictures to indicate your love for the image. But with a small touch screen phone, sometimes you can end up tapping the wrong button and taking yourself to another page entirely. 

But you don’t have to hit the little heart to show your love. Simply double-tap the image you admire and you’ll see a quick flash of a heart and you will have “liked” that photo.

Happy Instagramming!  Now to take a quick picture of my lunch.

~ Cynthia