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Side by Side Windows

Often times I find myself with more than my fair share of windows minimized in my taskbar. Sure, it’s disorganized, but it becomes even more frustrating when I need to look at two of them at once! Minimize, maximize, adjust the size, etc!

It gets really repetitive!

Some people have two monitors for this, streamlining the process – but what about a tip for all the “single-screeners” out there?

Let’s learn how to “Ctrl” this situation in Windows Vista!

Did you know that you can hold the Ctrl key and select more than one window? What’s the benefit? Well, hold Ctrl and Left-click a couple of windows on your taskbar. This should select both of them. Now, Right-click and choose either “Show Windows Stacked” or “Show Windows Side by Side”.


Automatically, your chosen windows should spring up; size adjusted and ready for productivity! Experiment a bit and see if the side by side or stacked method works best for you!

For a similar effect in Windows 7, hold the Windows key and hit either a right or left arrow key, depending on which side you’d like to move the active window. If you’re using Windows XP, click here [1] for details on how to do this on your computer.