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Silk – An Amazing Way To Make Interactive Art

Silk is an incredible, interactive artwork. All you have to do to use it is click and drag your mouse. 

Once you’re done creating your artwork by clicking and dragging, you can share it by clicking the Share button at the top of the page. It opens a drop down menu that offers you a way to share your art via Facebook or Twitter, as well as a link to it. 

Unhappy with how your artwork is turning out? Just click the New button to clean your screen off and start over.  Is your silk artwork taking too long to display all its various ripples and waves? Then click the Speed Up button beneath the canvas. If you’d like to replay it, there’s a Replay button next to the Speed Up button that will start your silk creation over.

Love this concept? Well there are free wallpapers that you can use to decorate your desktop with silk style art. Just scroll down the page and select one. If you mouse over the different links, the image appears on the monitor to the right of the links. So you can see what they display like before downloading them. Once you click the link it will open up the .JPEG for that image, you’ll need to right click it and select Save Image As and then set it as your desktop image through your computer settings. 

Just to warn you it’s really easy to lose track of time as you play with this site, I sure did!

http://weavesilk.com/ [1]