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Simple Search

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Simple Search

If you’ve been following along all week, you know that we have already talked about making your computer “eye friendly” and we’ve discussed how to eliminate some of your mouse usage. We’ve done all of this to help you in seeing your computer screen better in case you have any eye troubles and we’ve gotten rid of the mouse for certain procedures, so your hand is less likely to ache.

Well, today I have one more simplifying tip for you and it deals with the Search feature in Windows XP. If you use the Search function that is under the Start menu quite often, you’ll definitely want to check this article out. By the end of it, you’ll be simply searching!

So, have you ever noticed that the Search default menu in Windows XP really is not all that simple? I sure have! To even use it, we have to choose our options, which are in very small font and cannot be enlarged, before the searching even begins. Am I right?!

How would you like it if we could change it to be much easier and even use the basic search with no mouse? (Basic search means that you just type in what you are searching for in either folders or in your My Documents folder and then you press Enter to search. The basic search doesn’t determine the modified date, file size or any other advanced options). Well, I thought you might be interested, so let’s get going!

Changing the Search Menu to the Simple View

  • Press the F3 key or if that doesn’t work, press the Windows key, then the C key, then Enter.

  • Click the Change Preference link.

  • Click the link that says “Without an animated screen character.” Once you do this, the animation will disappear.

  • Click the “Change files and folders search behavior” link.

  • Click the option of “Advanced – include options to manually enter search criteria.”
  • Click OK.
  • Click the Close button to finish or press Alt + F4.

Quick Loading of the Simple View of the Search Menu

1. To search files in all folders:

  • Press the F3 key or if that doesn’t work press the Windows key, then the C key, then Enter.
  • Type what are you searching for. For example, *.doc.
  • Press Enter.
  • To remove the Search menu, press the F3 key again.
  • To remove the Search Results window, press Alt + F4.

2. To search files in My Documents:

  • Press the Windows key, then press the D key, then press Enter to go to your My Documents folder.
  • Press F3.
  • Type what are you searching for. For example, computer.doc.
  • Press Enter.

And there you go. Another simple way to make your computing life much easier! Have fun using your “new” Windows XP!

~ Sujanti Djuanda

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