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Simplifying Replies in Thunderbird

Using Mozilla’s Thunderbird [1] email client, I field many of the comments and questions that are sent to WorldStart (and respond to them with intermittent success), including replies to the newsletter sent by subscribers. These replies often contain the entire newsletter, and I like to delete everything but the question/comment in my response. This is something that had been done manually, until an accidental discovery revealed an easy way to clear unnecessary baggage from replies in Thunderbird. While preparing such a response to a reader question, I inadvertently highlighted the question before hitting the Reply button and got a pleasant surprise.

The email reply that popped up included only the highlighted text. So, now, I just select the question or comment, hit Reply and all that’s necessary is to write a response.

Unfortunately, this same trick doesn’t work when forwarding emails in Thunderbird, and I haven’t yet stumbled across a method for that.