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Single Key Reading in Outlook

Single Key Reading in Outlook

Do you use the Preview/Reading Pane in MS Outlook?

Are you tired of using your mouse to jump between the Inbox and the Preview Pane to select an e-mail, move down and scroll through the preview, then go up to the Inbox again and back to scrolling, etc., etc. It just goes on and on and on!

Wish you had an easier way to preview the entire message without all the mouse games?

If you’re thinking this is what you’ve been looking for, you’re in luck, because I have just the trick for you!

You can trade in your mouse for one little (or not so little) key. The space bar is all you need to scroll through your e-mail previews.

Once you’re in the Inbox with an e-mail highlighted, simply hit the space bar and zoom, zoom! You should see the message in the Preview/Reading Pane, scrolling right before your eyes.

Reached the end of the e-mail?

Don’t reach for that mouse!

Hit the space bar again and you should find that the e-mail selection jumps down one message and you’re ready to use the space bar to scroll through that one too.

Did you give this tip a try and have no luck?

Then maybe you need to make some adjustments to your Outlook settings to enable this feature.

Try going to the Tools menu, Options choice.

In the Options window, click to the Other tab.

In Outlook 2007, you’re looking for the Reading Pane button:

In older versions of Outlook, you need the Preview Pane button:

In any case, another window will open where you can alter the Preview/Reading Pane options.

Make sure the “Single key reading using space bar” choice is checked.

Click OK.

Again, in the Options window, click OK.

With that accomplished, you should find that you are able to use the space bar for e-mail scrolling in the Preview/Reading Pane.

It’s a one key wonder that puts an end to the time consuming process of reading your e-mails with your mouse in hand. It doesn’t get any better than that!

~ April