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Siri Sports

I’ll admit, with the arrival of iOS 6 I was most looking forward to getting Siri. While iPhone users have had the talkative personal assistant for awhile now, us iPad users have been left in silence. Now that I have her, I’ve been asking all sorts of questions.

Most of which go unanswered… for good reasons.

For example, “Siri, make me a cup of coffee.” doesn’t get me anywhere. However, “Siri, when do the Detroit Lions play next?” works just fine.

In fact, just about any sport you can imagine is in Siri’s lexicon. MLB, NFL, NCAA, WNBA and NHL (if the season ever starts, that is) are all here. Even soccer! You can ask for when the next game is, scores, standings and more. Heck, why even watch the game? Siri’s got you covered!

Try it out today iOS 6 users!