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Site Jabber

Site Jabber [1]


I absolutely could not wait to bring you this site. How many times are you surfing the net, and you run across a site that looks like it will be amazing or offers a great service only to find out it is a scam and that they are trying to bamboozle you?
Well, thanks to a grant from the National Science Foundation, you no longer have to worry about that. If you run across a questionable site, one that looks too good to be true, you can now come to Site Jabber and find out if it is on the up an up! Or if you’ve already been scammed, you can head to Site Jabber and write a review of the site that scammed you so that others can avoid the same fate.

Registration is easy. Just click the Sign Up banner below the search engine field or at the top of the page.


Fill in the form with your first name, last initial, a working e-mail address, and then create a password. You’ll need to confirm your e-mail address before you can access all the features. The confirmation letter came immediately, so after you register, just go check your email, click the link and dive in.

To investigate a site, just type in its name or web address into the search field and click the search button, or you can search by popular topics by selecting the topic you want to browse on the review.

If you’d like to review a site, just click the Write a Review tab, and then fill out the form with all the information you have to provide. Then click the submit button.
Now, finding negative sites isn’t the only thing you can do here. There is a whole category devoted to Most Loved sites. So you can find great sites to browse as well as those to avoid.

This is a great site to bookmark, so that you can refer back to it often!