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Sizing It Up

Sizing It Up

Okay, so I have just one more tidbit to add to our ever growing knowledge about MS Excel 2007’s tables. (I really, really like them, can’t you tell?!)

Today, let’s talk about changing the size of an established table, without using the AutoExpansion feature.

Besides, what if you want your table to be smaller?

Expansion really wouldn’t work in those cases.

So, to resize your Excel 2007 table, I’ve found a couple of methods.

Method #1:

Under the Table Tools, Design tab, you’ll find a Resize Table button. (You can only find it if you have a cell in the table selected).

Clicking on that will open a Resize Table dialogue window.

You can either highlight a new range in the worksheet or enter a range in the field.

The big thing is to pay attention to the note found in the middle of the dialogue window. You have to keep the top row and the new table must overlap the old one.

Method #2:

Take a look in the bottom right hand corner of your table.

See the little triangle?

You can choose to drag the triangle to create the new table size.

Yep, that’s all there is to it.

I did find that it only wanted to move either vertically or horizontally with each dragging of the triangle, but it’s still a little faster than the Resize Table button.

Whichever method you use, you can change the size of your established table with very little fuss!

~ April