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Sleep and Hibernation

Jim from USA writes:

Is their a difference between hibernation and sleep?

Sleep and hibernation do a very similar thing, but in different ways. Both keep all of your applications and windows saved and allow you to resume back to the point you were at before hitting sleep/hibernate, but one is designed for short breaks and one for longer breaks. 

Sleep, (also called Suspend) saves the information into your computer’s RAM and uses a small amount of power to keep the ramRAM and some system components active to allow you to quickly resume where you were.

Hibernate, on the other hand, saves the information to your hard drive then shuts down your computer. This uses the least power, but takes longer to start back up.

If you’re going from the office to a meeting you may just want to close your laptop lid to suspend. It’ll use more power than if you hibernate, but it’ll come back quickly when you get to the meeting. However, if you’re going from your office to home you may want to hibernate, as you probably won’t be using the computer for a few hours.

Sleep or hibernate