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Sleeping Mice

Help, my wireless mouse feel asleep! How do I wake it up?

Some wireless mice are programmed to go into the sleep mode after approximately eight minutes of non-use. So, if you leave your computer for more than eight minutes, you will probably come back to a sleeping mouse. The main reason they do this is to save some battery life while you’re not using it. Some common brand names that are known to have mice like this are Memorex and Logitech.

When you get back to your computer, you may see the mouse pointer on your screen, but you’ll notice that it doesn’t move at first. You either have to jerk it awake by moving your mouse back and forth quickly or sometimes, if you just give it a quick click, it will turn back to a working condition. That’s easy enough, right?

It may be a little annoying, but hey, you gotta look at the positive, it saves you battery power in the end! You can’t complain about that, now can you?! Also, keep in mind that this doesn’t happen to every wireless mouse, so you may have lucked out and got one that doesn’t, but if yours does, you know how to bring it back to life now!