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Slidely offers tools for creating cool slideshows from your videos and photographs. Soon they’ll add an awesome feature that allows you to also make collages. 

When you arrive at the site, you’ll need to scroll down the page to check out all the cool things you can do with Slidely. 

In order to Create (blue button at the top of the page) you’ll need an account. You can F-connect with Facebook or sign up with your e-mail address (fill out a form and create a password). 

Once you’re logged in you can start creating your slideshow. The cool thing is that you can create one from photos you’ve uploaded to different social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr. You can also source images from Google or upload images from your space in the Cloud. Click the Sort Photos button at the bottom to arrange them in the order you want them presented. 

After you’ve selected your photos, you’ll select music. The options are to search YouTube and SoundCloud if you have a specific song in mind. You can also upload a song or pick from the songs they provide in Pop, TV, and Hits. 

Then you can put on the finishing touches like deciding how fast the images play, how long (duration of the song or for as long as there are images), and a theme. Then you’ll click the Save button and decide whether you’ll share it over Facebook or e-mail. 

You can check out the one I made as a test here [1]

http://slide.ly/ [2]