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Cleaning and maintaining your computer can be one of the easiest ways to keep it performing at its best. Today’s FREE download is one of the most impressive cleaning utilities I have used in a long time. It contains a lot of useful features to get your computer running at its peak performance.

SlimCleaner is a free utility that’s designed like many others, but with all those features rolled into one. It contains a cleaner, optimizer, uninstaller, a shredder and much more. This means no more using multiple different utilities to perform maintenance operations on your machine.

Downloading SlimCleaner was extremely simple and it installed with no issues. Once I started the program I was greeted with a very well designed interface. Everything is categorized and laid out in a very easy to use format. Along the left hand side of the window the programs displays your options including: Cleaner, Optimize, Uninstaller, Browsers, Hijack Log, Shredder, and Windows Tools. Each one of these options contains the multiple maintenance tasks this program is designed to perform.

For me, the first thing I wanted to try was the Uninstaller ( I had a few programs I wanted to get rid of before cleaning my machine). Once I clicked on the Uninstaller tab a list populated showing all of the programs installed presently on my machine. Using the uninstaller was as simple as highlighting the program and clicking the Uninstall button in the lower right hand side. It then gave me a brief description of the program and made me verify that I wanted to get rid of it.

After ridding my machine of unwanted programs, I went on to test all of the other things it offered including the cleaner. Using the cleaner as just as simple as the uninstaller. By clicking on Cleaner I was greeted with all of the options to clean out my machine. I clicked analyze and in a few seconds it showed me everything I could clean up. You will want to check everything through here to ensure you do not delete any important information. Simply click clean, verify you would like to perform this action, and you’re done. It was that simple and took less than a minute.

This program also contains a ton more features I did not get into here (it would have taken pages upon pages to describe it all). I would highly recommend SlimCleaner to just about any computer user out there. It was very easy for the average user and more in depth for more advanced users. It contains so many useful features that even a computer guru may be impressed. So, if your looking to clean up your machine, uninstall programs, optimize performance and much more, go ahead, give SlimCleaner a try. Click here [1] for your free download.