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Sluggish Web Browsing when Downloading or Sending Email

When I am downloading or sending e-mail with an attachment my web browsing becomes really sluggish. Any ideas?

It sounds to me like it’s working properly (assuming you’re using a regular dial-up connection).

The reason for the decrease in speed is that your internet connection isn’t fast enough to do lots of stuff at once, no regular dial up connection is.

Web browsing will become sluggish while you’re doing a download, but get even worse when you’re sending an e-mail attachment. Ya see, although you may be zippin’ along at 56Kbs on the download side, you can only upload at a snailish 33Kbs with a modem. Plus, if all your upload bandwidth is being used to send a file, it’s hard to get out those page requests and surf the web.

If you really want to do the multi-tasking thing while you’re online, you may want to consider a broadband type connection (cable modem, DSL, etc). Otherwise, wait to surf until your files are downloaded and your e-mail is sent.

Oh, one additional note on downloading. It seems like I get a greater number of corrupt downloads if I’m playing around on the web during the download process. Worse with a dial up than a broadband connection, but still something to consider.