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Small Demons – An Online Encylopedia For Novels

I know the name of the site sounds ominous, but I promise it’s not! What it does is amazing! Small Demons connects the dots between thousands of literary pieces to create an amazing Storyverse, all the while also functioning as an online encyclopedia for books. But it not only provides connections to other books, it also connects you to the details of the books. Details like your favorite character’s car, the villain’s favorite drink, the restaurant where the characters fell in love, and so much more. 

My recommendation upon arriving at the site is to watch the welcome video. It’s right next the header Welcome to the Storyverse. It shows how this all comes together and what you can expect to discover once you start exploring. It connects the dots so-to-speak. 

On the main page you’ll find featured collections that you can explore. It also features other ways that you can explore –  by People, Places, and Things. Then near the very bottom of the page it offers you the Create Your Own Collection button. Where you can curate a collection of Books, People, Places, and Things that you like. This option requires you to register. Registration gives you three ways to sign up. You can F-connect with Facebook (what I did), or you can use Twitter, or an e-mail address. Pick the method that best suits you. I like F-connect, because it’s fast and doesn’t generally require me to do anything but click a button. 

This site provides an amazing way to journey into the universe of your favorite book, or explore the connections that exist between your favorite novels. Go check it out! 

https://www.smalldemons.com/ [1]