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Small, Sharp Pictures

Here’s what happens: you’re working on a really great image you shot with your high-resolution digital camera. It looks great—so sharp you could cut yourself on it. Then, someone asks you to e-mail it to them so they can see it too.

Since it’s a high res shot, you decide that you should probably resize it first. You go into your imaging program, click the Image Size menu option, and shrink it down. For more on making your pictures the right size, check out this link:


OK, so you’ve resized your image and now you’re looking at it. Somehow, it seems to have lost a bit of its sharpness in the process. Now, you could run your sharpening tool again, that’s certainly an option, but we’ve found another way that really works well—if you have a “Sharpen Edges” filter.

So, open your imaging software and check under your filters. Look for a “Sharpen Edges” filter and if you’re lucky enough to have one, give it a click. Usually that’s all it takes to make your image nice and crisp again. We found this out while resizing images for our monthly wallpaper and it worked out great. Give it a try next time you resize a large image.


After—That’s better (note the ears and face area :-)

Happy shooting!

~ Steve