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Small Text Size In Yahoo Mail

Lyn writes:

At home I’m using Windows 8, (with yahoo mail) Anyway, I was typing an email and bumped something and my type size sent to tiny, tiny, tiny. I’ve tried everything but can’t find how to enlarge it. My other email addresses and browser are OK, just the one email?? help!

Lyn, I’m not sure if you mean the text is super-small in just one e-mail or all of your Yahoo e-mail messages. So, I’ll tell you how to take care of both issues.

If the problem is just one e-mail that you composed, click theĀ  type size icon in the upper left of your message. You’ll get a drop-down menu and you can change the size there.

If the text in all of your Yahoo e-mails is now small, click the little gear symbol in the upper right of the Yahoo Mail Page and choose Mail Options from the drop-down window.

You’ll get a long list of mail of options to customize your e-mail. You’ll want to scroll down to Advanced Settings.


There you can adjust the font and size.



You’ll see a preview of what the changes will look like.



If you are happy with the change, click the Save button at the top of the page.

That should take care of the issue.

~ Cynthia