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Smaller SuperScript

Ever use the trademark TM symbol in MS Word?

(FYI… you can insert it quickly using “(TM)” – AutoCorrect will switch it out for the superscript TM that we’re looking to have.)

Anyway, back to business, my point is that when I’ve used this symbol I’ve always felt that even though it’s in superscript form it’s still too big.

If you felt that way then you may have looked for a solution. Most people I know would try making the font of the TM smaller. The problem with that “fix” is that the TM doesn’t stay at the top of the character it is next to as it shrinks… instead it moves downward as the top of the new font size moves.

Definitely not what you were looking to accomplish.

Well, I have a suggestion that is easier and actually does what you’re looking for it to do.

Highlight the TM symbol (which is already a superscript symbol) and superscript it again.

I know, I know, how can we superscript what already is superscripted?

Well, in this case we can because the TM is inserted as a symbol – not two superscripted characters of text. Technically the TM is not superscripted text at all so, you’re definitely able to superscript it.


See the difference?

With that one quick trick you’ve managed to reduce the size of the TM while keeping it in its correct place.

~ April