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SmartArt Selection

Do you frequently use the MS Office 2007 SmartArt?

I do and I know that I’m often trying to select different shapes to rearrange, change the look of the text, coloring, placement… who knows what else… I’ve always got something I’m trying to change.

At any rate, there are times when I’m trying to select several pieces of the SmartArt at once.

While there are lots of ways to select these pieces involving clicks I stumbled upon one today that I thought would be worth the time to share.

First, let me say that I tend to use the text pane with my SmartArt and that’s where I bumped into this object selection trick.

I was working in the text pane and inadvertently did a click-and-drag with my mouse pointer down the text list.

I guess I expected to see the selection highlight simply move down the list to where the pointer landed but it didn’t.

Instead I got this:


As you can see both A & B are selected in the text pane as well as in the graphic itself.

I found it to be an easy way to select multiple things without keys like Shift and Control and without accidentally selecting the wrong element.

What about non-consecutive items you ask…

Well, at first I thought it was a no-go but then I stumbled upon a partial answer to that one.

After a bit of experimentation I found that I could use the Ctrl Key to select non-consecutive items in the list but that it only worked if more than one item was already selected. (Not exactly the best of solutions but still, it could come in handy.)

And there it is… my newest trick for SmartArt object selection that doesn’t require a lot of fuss, giving me more time to fuss over the way it looks!

~ April