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Smartphone Tech Explained Simply

There is so much of information floating around that sometimes you wonder where all the jargon and technical terms sprung from. If you are a smartphone user, this article will explain the most important, and frequently cited terms understandably. 

Near field communication (NFC) 

It is this technology that is making several smartphone addicts switch to the latest Android phone with the Jelly Bean OS. Just touching your phone with another similar phone allows you to transfer data, photos and videos. That’s NFC. It works on any device that has the NFC receiver chip, like the Samsung Galaxy S3. You can also make payments using this same technology through gateways like Google Wallet.

Touchwiz (TW)
This is what Samsung calls its user interface (UI), so don’t be surprised when you see something like TW launcher on your device. It just means your local UI.

HTC Sense
Just like Samsung, HTC has a name for its user interface – HTC Sense. RIM (BlackBerry) is planning to call its OS10 user interface “BB Flow”.

Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL)

This technology turns your mobile phone into a portable set-top box. This means you can play photos, videos and games on your TV with just a low-cost, five-pin cable. Most of the new handsets have it,  the foremost being the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. In other words, MHL is the HDMI alternative, and it better be in this highly mobile world.

Long Term Evolution (LTE) 

This is the best Internet speed you can hope for in today’s times. It’s a jargon term for mobile internet connections. It began with the lowly GPRS (General Packet Radio Service), and then went on to EDGE (Enhanced Data for Global Evolution), 3G (3rd Generation), HSPA (High Speed Packet Access) and now LTE, which is marketed as 4G LTE.

By doing this, you create a wireless ‘hotspot’ with your phone’s internet connection, allowing you to connect your computer to the internet.

Bluetooth V1 – V4
You guessed it, 4 is the latest and the greatest wireless Bluetooth connection that is fast, energy efficient and compatible with most devices.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) 

It’s nothing but a private network access over public connections, and largely used by companies to make all office communication secure.

~Zahid H Javali