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Smitten Kitchen

Besides video games, or lately, solitaire on my smart phone, there is nothing I like to procrastinate with like a food blog. It’s the end of the semester for me, and it’s also crunch time. To be honest, I was ready for summer break a month ago – but it’s finally almost here! (Two weeks to go!) And I’ve been doing a healthy amount of procrastinating. Hey, sometimes you need a break after writing a paper for eight hours straight, and when you forgot to eat during that time, there is nothing like a gorgeous food blog to remind you.

I am smitten with Smitten Kitchen! I feel like the author and I would get on fabulously. Deb writes with wit, knowledge, and the understanding that sometimes cooking is a the last thing you want to do (see her awesome recipe for pasta with garlicky broccoli rabe [1], if you want to understand what I’m talking about) and yet, you still manage to make something simple and scrumptious.

There are a couple of things about this food blog that are unique and make me love it more than freshly baked bread – okay not more, but close.

First, each recipe also links you back to the recipe that was posted on that day – going as far as five years back. So if you took a gander at the pasta recipe I linked above, scrolled all the way past the lovely photos, you’d find links for the previous years’ recipes. You could plan an entire week of meals just from those links sometimes. The pasta recipe links back to a dessert, a salad, another pasta dish, and then an Asian noodle dish.  

Second, I adore that Deb lures you in with multiple images before offering a link to head to the recipe. Usually there’s an image of the finished product, and an image or two of the steps to get there.

And Last, but not least, on the main page if you scroll down you’ll come to Browse By section on the left side menu. It offers categories of recipes: spring, summer, fall, winter, vegetable, and fruit – all with pretty images that make you want to click into those categories to see what recipes lay in store for you.  

I hope you’ll love Smitten Kitchen as much as I do. I can’t wait for break to start and the weather to get warm again so I can try her ice cream sandwich recipe!

http://smittenkitchen.com/ [2]