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Smokey Stover and Other Comics Online

Tim, from Louisville, OH asks:

Is there a site for old comics? Specifically, “Smokey Stover?”

Yes, Tim there is.  Since you’re looking for Smokey Stover in particular, I’ll start there:  http://www.smokey-stover.com/ [1]

This site is a treasure trove for Smokey fans, including not only Smokey cartoons, but also Smokey memorabilia, and a Smokey history.  It also includes Bill Holman’s other creations, Spooky the Cat and Nuts and Jolts.

If Smokey’s not your thing, you might enjoy http://www.gocomics.com/ [2]

Go Comics includes not only newspaper favorites such as Calvin and Hobbes, Luanne, For Better or For Worse and one of my favorites, Non Sequitur by Wiley, but also the latest political cartoons.  You can also sign up for free and get a customized cartoon home page, daily gocomics.com e-mail with your favorite cartoons in it and unlimited cartoon sharing with your friends.  If you want your cartoons with no advertising, you might consider “going pro” for $11.88 per year or .99 per month.

And then there’s Stu’s Comic Strip Connection at http://www.stus.com/3majors.htm [3].  Stu’s claims to have “…all of the comic strips available on the Internet from the major syndicates.”

There are also Wikipedia entries for just about any comic strip or strip character that you can imagine (I remember researching the DC comic character “Black Vulcan” because I had never heard of him before seeing a reference to him on “The Daily Show”) as well as homepages for many of your favorite comics, including http://www.dilbert.com/ [4], http://www.peanuts.com/ [5] (which is a treasure trove for Peanuts fans) and http://www.fbofw.com/ [6] (For Better or For Worse).


~Randal Schaffer