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Smoking and Your Computer

Will smoking around my computer mess it up?

In the early days, computer geeks kept their systems in dust free, temperature controlled rooms and required everyone to wear static free booties before entering their “labs”. What a far cry from today where people eat and drink over their keyboards or use the cup mounted on their monitor for an ash tray.

Despite all our advancements, cigarette smoke is still bad for your computer’s health.

Smoke can especially mess up your computer’s hard disk since the tiny particles get trapped between the head (the part that reads) and the platters (where information is held).

Chemicals in smoke also coat your monitor screen and keyboard making them turn a lovely shade of brownish-yellow.

Cigarette smoke also affects the precision optics of CD-Rom and DVD-ROM drives along with the disks.

It’s your computer and your body, so do what you want, but since someone asked, I thought I’d pass this along.

~ David