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What is snopes.com?

That is a very good question and I’m glad you asked about it! I know several of you already know what Snopes is, but for those of you who don’t, let me go over the basics of it with you. Snopes.com is a Web site that is known as the Urban Legends Reference Pages.

This is the site you can visit to find out if something is true or not. It is 100 percent dedicated to finding out the truths and falsities of urban legends, modern day myths and any other stories that travel around the Internet and the realistic world. For example, maybe you heard a story from one of your friends, but you’re just not sure whether it’s reputable or not. Well, to clear up your suspicions, you can visit Snopes and put your wonderings to rest.

Snopes.com is hosted by Barbara and David Mikkelson, a married couple from California. They are very determined to provide the complete truth to their Web site visitors. They don’t want anyone leaving Snopes feeling like they still don’t know the facts. They spend most of their time researching their topics and when I say research, I mean extensive researching. They also try to include references with their findings when they can.

The official Web site address is http://www.snopes.com, so make sure you don’t get caught by any other sites trying to do the same thing. Once you get to the Web site, you will see a bunch of categories listed throughout the page. There’s everything from Businesses to Old Wives’ Tales to Sports to Food and so on and so on. They even have a special category for Disney myths and one for Coke products. Everything is covered here!

Once you find a category you’d like to find out more about, just click on it and find what you’re looking for. Each story will have a rating of True, False, Multiple Truth Values, Undetermined or Unclassifiable Veracity. Each one will also have the facts behind why it’s rated the way it is. The Mikkelsons try to keep the site updated as much as possible. They even already have certain urban legends about Hurricane Katrina on the site.

I know whenever I put something in the newsletter that doesn’t seem real to you readers, you all let me know if it is or not. For example, sometimes I put jokes in the Just For Grins newsletter that seem like they are true, but a quick look on snopes.com tells all of us that they’re not! Also, if you’d like to add your own story to the site, you can use the message board to do so. Snopes also works with photos, so don’t forget to check out those.

You could get lost on this site just searching and searching. You can learn a lot as well. Have fun and keep it real!

~ Erin