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Snowfall Free Live Wallpaper

If you haven’t tried Live Wallpapers for your Android phone, you’re in for a treat. These often dazzling (and sometimes disturbing) animated images bring an Android home screen to life. One of them–Snowfall Free Live Wallpaper–offers a beautiful scene of evergreens gently swaying in the winter breeze, as snow falls softly around them.

Note: Not all Android phones support live wallpapers, and the primary complaint about them is their draw on resources; a draw that occasionally causes phones to run sluggishly, or freeze up altogether.

However, if your phone does support them, a Live Wallpapers category should appear in the wallpaper menu. This menu can be accessed through Settings>Display>Wallpaper or–in most phones–a long press on the home screen will reveal it.

Click here [1] to download Snowfall Free. Once it’s installed, click the Open button.


If you choose not to open it right away, find and tap Live Wallpapers and select Snowfall Free from the list.


Tap Set wallpaper and you’re done.


Of course, if after a day of shoveling, your back is telling you that several inches (or feet) of gently falling snow isn’t so pretty after all, you may instead want to try My Beach Free [2].