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Snowflake Patterns

Snow Flake Patterns


Okay, so you’ve mastered the basics that the other snowflake site had to offer, and now you want to make more advanced snowflakes, but you’re not sure where to start! That’s where this site comes in!

All you have to do is print out these patterns, fold them the way you would if you were making a snowflake without a pattern. Just make sure the pattern for cutting is on the outside of the triangle so that you can see it! Then start cutting, and you’ll make the beautiful snowflakes shown in the example photos!


I found it was easiest to print out one of each (so I didn’t have to decide which one I wanted to make immediately) then cut the square of the pattern out and then fold and cut. They make lovely snowflakes.

My favorite was the snowman snowflake! I can recommend that you use a paper clip to punch hole for his eyes, it worked far better than trying to cut it with scissors! I suppose you could use a craft knife though.


These are amazing templates! Go make snowflakes!