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I can sum this site up in one word. Addicting! But what is it? It’s an awesome game where you use your mouse to create the ski slopes for the skier.

How does it work? That’s easy! You just click and drag in the play field. You score points by creating terrain that allows your skier dude to pass through green gates, blue tunnels, or making him fly! But you want to avoid the red X’s because they’ll kill your skier instantly.  While your skier is airborne you can earn extra points by doing tricks in the air by not painting terrain for a few seconds. 

Should your skier die (who am I kidding?) when your skier dies (mine does all the time) you can click through some tips on the left side of the game to help you when you retry. Each time you start the challenges are a little different so it retains its playability. One tip I have for you is to pay attention to the green and blue arrows that appear on the right side of the game interface this will help you know where to build your slopes. 

This game has awesome music that really gets your blood pumping as you’re playing or is very poignant when you’ve gotten your little skier dude killed.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you that this was addicting when you’ve been playing it for an hour instead of working!

http://mikengreg.com/solipskier/ [1]